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Welcome to!  This site is (currently) devoted to the third person volunteer experience of Armand Panganiban.  This is the only time you will see reference to who is currently posting the content for this site.  From here on out, he will be referred to as ‘That guy’.  That guy that writes for this blog, that guy that speaks first and thinks later, that guy that passed out on theprofile_armand Jeepney from drinking too much Emperador.  Me, Myself, and I – will also be valid.  Rules were meant to be broken, and writing in the first person is taboo.  My articles are meant to be read quickly without much thought then disregarded. This will allow you more time to enjoy my pictures.

First things first – if you are are a grammar nazi, easily insulted, or sensitive to the real world happenings of others – then this site is FOR YOU!  That’s right, I said it.  tHAT GUY is a bit of a hypocrit in regards to grammer.  He doesn’t really care, unless it’s one of those times that he voices his opinion.  Even then he really doesn’t not care.  If you are easily insulted, then great!  If I write about something that sounds insulting, it’s never about you.  It’s about me.  it’s my site, everything here is about me.  Lastly, I’m a regular guy that feels the need to contribute and help others that may be less fortunate. me and grace_01

That guy is the father of two good looking boys.  For the sake of privacy, they will be referred to as ‘the offspring’.  He is currently in a relationship, SORRY LADIES.  Not that any are waiting in line anyway…psst call me.  Just kidding, don’t call, I rarely answer my phone and if I don’t recognize the number, then I doubly don’t answer.  That guy is also self employed.  That’s what it’s called when you’re unemployed, but have enough initiative to register a business.  Instantly going from unemployed to CEO while working part time at the local restaurant bussing tables.  I like to call it networking.

The father of ‘the offspring’ is a second gen Fil-Am.  He loves the rich history of his heritage, and the Filipino culture.  Having always taken from my Filipino heritage, but have never really given back to the community.  Now that I have some chil’unz, it is even more important for me to connect with my heritage.  With every passing generation, slips away ones heritage (this video isn’t exactly my point, but it made me laugh).

Slipping away from ones heritage – Traditions, the history, the food – leads me to my next question. Where would I be without chicken adobo?  The three most often requested dishes for me to bring to a potluck luncheon include pancit, lumpia, or adobo.  Seriously.  I have made many friends thanks to a plate of hot rice and adobo.   I appreciate it so much that I named a fundraising project after it.  Check it out ‘‘.  Yeah I know, self advertising… no shame. 😀

My interests include Poverty Alleviation, Empowering Children, the Philippines, Technology, Self-Defense, Travel, and Food. Exciting dba?

Focus Brazilian Jiu JitsuSpeaking of interests, I would like start a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club while I am in Samar.  During my last trip to the Philippines, it was difficult for me to find a place to train.  I realize there may be a shortage of clubs and instructors.  While three months is hardly long enough to become proficient in the sport, it does make for a good introduction.  Please show some support for this project.

Enough about my personal life and views, allow me to share what I will be doing while I am volunteering in the Philippines.  On July 3rd 2013, akin to GPS, I will be arriving in Samar Philippines.  While I plan to travel while I am in the Philippines, my main purpose will be working with one of the partner organizations of CUSO International. The problem that is being addressed is ‘brain drain’ also referred to as human capital flight. This is the large-scale emigration of a large group of individuals with technical skills or knowledge.  My role/job title is – Entrepreneurial Skills Assessment and Training Adviser.  I am excited to have been selected for this position!  All my life, I’ve always been the one under the microscope.  Now it’s my turn.

Anyway, I hope my site will encourage you to consider volunteering. Local or international – one thing to never have to worry about is a shortage of people in the world that are in need of help or encouraging words.

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

– Dr. Loretta Scott

Sit Back, and enjoy my site!

Yabba Dabba Doo, May the Force be With you