Day 3 in the Philippines

on 7-04-2013 in Daily

July 4

Day 3 in the Philippines

Traditionally the 4th has been spent with friends and family. Seeing faces that I haven’t seen in a while, makes the 4th one of my favorite holidays. Ironically, same time last year, I was in the air flying to the Philippines. One thing to note is that there is a 12-hour time difference between the United States and the Philippines. In other words, jet lag is in my immediate future. Not too different from my 30th birthday, jet lag seems to just make time disappear.

Much of the 4th was spent in the air, landing late in the afternoon in Nagoya. Of course there would be a flight delay. Flight delays during this trip have been all too common. I actually start hearing from other passengers that their experience flying internationally with Delta – is that flight delays are not uncommon. Next time, I’ll chip in a little extra for gas. Actually, I’m still a little sour about losing my travel money.

My first time arriving in Manila was sensory overload. Manila airport is full of sights, sounds, and smells. Since this is my second time to visit the Philippines – I felt much less anxiety and confusion. Besides, like last time, the humidity was waiting at the gate to welcome me. The arrival is definitely comforting when compared to the length of time spent in the plane. I quickly picked up my baggage and hurried outside, where a driver was waiting to take me to the hotel.

Tired from the long day, I spent the evening in my room. I couldn’t be bothered to order food, so I just ended up eating the leftover in-flight snack for dinner. While thoughts of exploring the immediate area found their way into my head – I ended up passing out in the hotel room instead.

I woke up at 3am, pulled from my sleep by a pre-recorded Tagalog church sermon. I remember leaving the television on in hopes that some of the Tagalog would wear off on me…through osmosis or something. Considering that it was a church sermon that woke me up must have been a sign. Signs are everywhere, and either I will have a fresh start or the end is near. Looking forward to tomorrow, there will always be something new and exciting to do.

“Looking forward to the future, and feeling grateful for the past.”

– Mike Rowe

~Extra pack of peanuts please.