I have three different projects that I need help funding. Show some love, and pick one! The average hourly income here in the Philippines is less than a dollar hourly! Every dollar helps!

Please help me support the introduction of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Samar Philippines. During my stay in Samar, I would like to host free classes for the local residents. Three months is not enough time to become proficient in the sport, but it provides for an excellent introduction. We provide several different ways that you can support the project financially. If you have an idea or suggestion that is not listed, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

My name is Armand Panganiban. I live in Jacksonville Florida. I am the managing editor for Mayumi Publishing Group Inc. We provide web related digital service solutions.

I am a Jiu Jitsu practitioner for 10 years on/off, 9 years in BJJ. I am currently a 4 stripe blue belt. I started training Jiu Jitsu under the Kodenkan system with Professor Alex Limbaugh. I transitioned to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu taught by a Relson Gracie Black Belt – Lionel Perez. I have trained with 5x World Champion Daniel Moraes, his brother Diego Moraes, and Relson’s son Rhalan Gracie. I have also trained with or attended seminars hosted by various Black Belts including Relson Gracie, Fernando Margarida Pontes, Victor Huber, and Carlos Varona.

I am currently training at a school named Focus BJJ. Focus BJJ is affiliated with Brazilian Top Team through Marcello “Salazar” Bergo. The class is lead by instructors Chris Debelen, and George Bemister.

I have also trained in Muay Thai Kickboxing, JKD, Arnis, and MMA. While I enjoy each of these styles, my favorite would be Gi Training in BJJ.

First of all, I am a Filipino American with a deep love and respect for my heritage. I have been selected for an International Volunteer Placement in Samar Philippines by Cuso International. The problem that is being addressed deals with ‘Brain Drain’. Brain drain (or human capital flight), is the large-scale emigration of a large group of individuals with technical skills or knowledge. This is a 7 month project, with 3-4 months of placement in the Philippines.

I love the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the effect it has in peoples lives. It provides confidence, focus, builds self-esteem, promotes fitness and self-defense.

During my last trip to the Philippines it was difficult for me to find a school to train at. I eventually found a group of guys to train with in IloIlo.

I realized that there are many MMA fans, but there may be a shortage of teachers for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Since I will be there for 3-4 months, I would like to introduce Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to the community in Samar.

In addition to volunteering for Cuso International, I am also a volunteer for Gawad Kalinga USA operating as their Information Marketing Strategist. I am working with GK-USA to arrange for those interested (children or adults) of a nearby GK village to come out and learn a little about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tends to be one of the more expensive martial arts. The martial art has a history of being mainly taught to the wealthy.

• My Sincere Thanks and Appreciation for your support
• In addition to my appreciation, I will mention you in the website, and provide a 125×125 ad link back to your web property.
• 1,2 + Training photo posted on website and facebook page with your name/logo on the photo and a link back to your web property
• 1,2,3 + Record a video of one of the students thanking you personally for allowing them the opportunity to experience Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
• 1,2,3, 4 + a New Fight Shirt
• 1-5 + Include your name, school, or business on the club shirt, Recognized as a Bayani Sponsor
• 1-6 + Include your name, school, or business on the club banner
• I will create a patch from your logo, sew it to my uniform, and donate my uniform to one of the students that shows interest in continuing the sport. I will also create a second patch, and sew it to another one of my uniforms as a tribute and personal reminder of your support.
• 1-6 + I will compete in the 2013 Asia – Pacific Submission Gi and No Gi Submission Absolute – August 17 -18. If I am unable to compete, the donation will go to Cuso International.
• 1-6 + Within one month after my return trip to the US, I will fly out to meet you, have lunch or dinner with you, and will answer any questions that you may have regarding my volunteer experience in the Philippines.

Please help me in my goal to continue developing this site. I will be offering different digital services for purchase. Check back often to view the latest offerings. If you have a request that isn’t listed here, contact me., let’s talk. Salamat!

• Thank you for your support! I plan on drinking large amounts of coffee to help me stay awake and make the most impact during my stay in the Philippines.
• In addition to my appreciation, I will mention you in the website, and provide a 125×125 ad link back to your web property.
• 1,2 + I will take a photo of of something that is representative of the Philippines, post it on the site, and credit you for your support
• 1,2,3 + I will have lunch or dinner with a child in the area, record the experience, and introduce them to you in the video!
• I will answer your questions regarding my experience over dinner! I will fly to meet you, we will have dinner, and I will answer any questions that you may have regarding my experience.

Part of my commitment to this project is to raise $2000.00 for Cuso International. This amount is not for my placement, but instead it is to raise funds for the next volunteer so that Cuso International may continue the work they have started.Please send skilled volunteers like me to work with local organizations in the Philippines – and all over the world.Vulnerable communities can pull together and make change for the better. In the Philippines, for example, organizations are:

• Focusing on empowerment through volunteerism
• Creating long-term employment to address poverty
• Working to protect children, especially orphansThanks again for your commitment. As you can imagine, changes like this are urgently needed to improve and save lives. That’s why I’m turning to you and asking you to donate.

If for any reason, short of my death , that these projects will not be pursued – All funds raised will be split between Gawad Kalinga USA and CUSO International.

For every dollar donated to CUSO International, the Canadian International Development Agency will donate 9 dollars, for a grand total of 10 dollars. Each volunteer placement costs on average $25,000 dollars. Your donations provide much leverage towards international development.

Donate to Cuso International!